Second Baptist Church

Pastor Taza Green, Sr.
2836 Sullen Place, New Orleans, La 70131
(504)394-1741, Fax (504)394-1209

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Church "The Church in the Heart of the Community,
with the Community at Heart."


The founders of Second Baptist Church were former slaves from the surrounding plantations. On August 25, 1868, the founders met in a house on Ganacheau Plantation (Orleans subdivision). Brother Jones was subsequently ordained and installed as the pastor by the First District Baptist Association. Having had only four(4) pastors since its origin is testimony of divine leadership in Second Baptist Church.

Reverend Jones pastured 36 years and before his death, God directed him to select Bro. Reason Boyd to succeed him. Reverend Jones died on March 17,1904 and on October 2, 1904 Reason Boyd was ordained and installed as pastor. During his 51 years as pastor, the country engaged itself in two world wars,a great economic depression plus hot and cold wars against communist aggression. When Rev. Boyd was called to be with the Lord on April 23,1955, he was succeeded by his adopted son, Rev. Earl Green. A new sanctuary was erected in 1957 and in keeping with the Christian education based philosophy of the pastor; the Reason Boyd Memorial Annex was dedicated in 1967. In 1975, the Old Rosenwald School was purchased and many structural improvements have been made to update the exterior and interior of the building.

Just prior to the death of Rev. Earl Green in May of 1994, Rev. Taza Green was installed as pastor of Second Baptist. Under Rev. Taza Green's leadership, Second Baptist continues to grow both numerically and spiritually. His teaching ministry continues to bring spiritual enlightenment to our community.

We can be heard on WLNO 1060AM *** on Saturdays 3:30pm to 4:00pm


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